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Our Story

Kathy Kramer, retired Paralegal from the State of Texas after 31 years.   My husband, Kenneth,  and I reconnected after 34 years ago being High School Sweeties and got married 10 years ago.  We built a small cedar cabin outside Lockhart, Texas.   We share a love of animals and we have cross bred cattle along with Registered Scottish Highland cattle,  a donkey, 2 dog kids and baby goats.   Everyone LOVES baby goats, no matter your age or personality, baby goats bring smiles to everyone’s faces.   So…. in a world that has so much stress and uncertainty…I want to share smiles our babies give to us, and to provide just a little time to everyone to relax and laugh.  So my solution is to share our Baby Goats.  

Why Baby Goats?

If you notice I keep stressing BABY goats…. It’s because all babies used for all the events are under 5 months old.  Yes, actual BABIES!  They are socialized and love to be held and cuddled, but since they are still babies and they are very healthy… they love to run, jump, climb and even give an occasional spinning dismount!   Because the babies are so small, they are perfect for everyone.  They are not intimidating, don’t bite, no head-butting, and they just want to play.

There are several options to enjoy snuggles and cuddles with baby goats so please click through my webpage and join me and my babies for a relaxing and fun break from life.  

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