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About Us

Renting a baby goat for your next event has never been easier than with Baby Goat Encounters. We have a great selection of goat experiences to match every person and every budget. We invite you to come visit us for a one-of-a-kind baby goat experience.

Costs vary. To give you the best available price, tell us about your event and we will give you a quote before you commit. 

When we come to you, minimum is $75.  Our Ticketed Events start at $20/per adult.


Proud Sponsor of Stubborn Goat Coffee.  We'll give Stubborn Goat Coffee a portion of our net profits. Gavin is a fantastic young man, so please read his story! He also makes amazing coffee!


The Baby Goat Experience

Welcome to everyone’s favorite Baby Goat Rental Service in the Austin area. We offer our customers a unique baby goat experience with different rental packages to choose from to meet the needs of your unique goat encounter. Come visit us to meet our adorable baby goats, and experience a fun goat interaction! Not sure what you want?  Contact us and we'll help you figure it out and customize the experience for exactly what you want.


Meet Our Babies

Our great company would be nothing without our baby goats. This is why we raise the cuddliest, friendliest baby goats you'll ever meet. We know that when you meet the baby goats at Baby Goat Encounters, you’ll get a great experience every time. 

Baby Goat Events

If you love spending time outdoors partaking in activities that can suit your entire family, you’ll simply love all that Baby Goat Encounters has to offer. We would love to see you at our next event, where families and friends come together and enjoy memorable activities with our baby goats. 


Baby Goat Party Rental

Baby Goat Encounters is much more than just an amazing Baby Goat Rental Company. The success of our business, and the reason we keep growing, is largely based on the great services we provide to all of our customers. 

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